Loft 45 offers you a place to train at your own convenience.

We can also offer you exceptional exercise specialists to help you achieve your required targets or better still, a combination of them both.

We believe the best results come from a regular programme that fits with your lifestyle and timeframes.

We want to educate you and help you implement regular exercise into your busy lifestyle.

We believe in training that is enjoyable and enhances the movement of the musculoskeletal system and improves the overall mobility and strength of the body.

Gone are the days where you go from sitting on one machine to the next. Most of us want to improve our performance and the way we feel so we can live a fulfilled and active life long into our retirement.

At Loft 45 we can assist you with your short-term fitness goals whether it's sports performance, an upcoming event, weight loss or general conditioning, while at the same time giving you tools to help you maintain an active, healthier lifestyle long-term.

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