About LOFT45


Sorry to say but we don’t have any fancy machines here that will allow you to hardly work but promise amazing results. Let’s be realistic, they don’t exist.

We believe if you want to dance around with 100’s of people then go to a club..... so no classes sorry, and we wont pass you off to a teenager to show you how to go from one machine to the next and call it a program.

No one exercise prescription is right for everyone, we would rather assess you and customise something to meet your requirements.

Train on your own, train in a small group or train one on one with one of our trainers ( the latter definitely helps with motivation and results). 

Loft45 aims to offer you “not your typical gym” experience and one where “why” we are doing things is important.

Contact us now and book in to see how we train and whether Loft45 is the right place for you.


our values

no posers 

no makeover needed before training

no over subscribed membership. so no queues

no monkey see, monkey do training techniques

easy access and parking / great showers with soap provided / 24 hour access / exercise specialists, massage therapists and physiotherapists all under one roof to help you.